Financial Group

Assisting clients and trading partners at all stages from initial concept and exploration right through to production and expansion.

Resource Group

Our experience means that we can develop an holistic approach across the resource value chain to identify improvements that mean a significant uplift to a project's bottom line.

Trading Group

With our global presence we are positioned to sell product into whatever market will achieve the top margin.

Infrastructure Group

Working with clients and trading partners to provide access to, or develop, midstream and downstream infrastructure to ensure the efficient movement of product to the end user.

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Berry Capital has a unique and integrated business model, partnering with resource and commodity producers at the upstream, midstream and downstream stages of their business chain.

Berry Capital provides coverage and services for the entire life cycle of a project. We aim to be a Partner of choice from the conception of the project to the deliver of its production.

Having operations at each point of the value chain gives us a superior market insight and allows us to anticipate market trends.

By managing global trading from centralised locations, we are positioned to sell product into whatever market will achieve the top margin.

With our significant expertise in the mining and energy extractive industries, it is often the case that it is more efficient for our Group to make an investment. By purchasing an asset in need of additional investment, we can utilise our experience to its maximum capacity.


Financing a

  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Asset Management
  • Advisory
  • Sales & Trading

Maximising the value
of a Project

  • Technical & Operational Services
  • Project Feasibility
  • Investment Feasibility
  • Productivity studies
  • Mine planning & design

Realising the value
of a Project

  • Commodity marketing & trading
  • Hedging & Derivatives Trading
  • Off-take
  • Swaps & Forwards
  • Physical, Financial & Paper

Storage, processing &
delivering product

  • Production & Processing
  • Gathering & Storage
  • Project & Asset Management
  • Project Execution
  • Transport & Delivery


Mitchell McGeorge

Managing Director

Mitchell has over 27 years experience in global financial, commodity and infrastructure markets with experienced gained in senior roles at some of the world's leading institutions. Mitchell has held many varied roles with a particular focus on Corporate Advisory, Operations, Strategy, Trading and Structuring Transactions in the energy, commodities, resources and infrastructure sectors. Mitchell is known as a strong, effective and disciplined leader and has advised clients, as well as investing as Principal, on multiple continents with a particular speciality in cross-border transactions.

Mitchell has previously held positions at County NatWest, State Bank Victoria, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Merrill Lynch, IAG Asset Management and Lonsec.


Global Resources & Commodities Streaming Fund

The Fund's goal is to provide investors with access to a diversified portfolio of Tier 1 revenue generating assets that allows us to pay a quarterly dividend based on a percentage of operating cashflow without sacrificing any of the capital growth potential inherent in producing mining companies.

With every amount of physical resource or commodity being delivered to us at a fixed price contractually, basing the dividend on operating cash-flows provides our investors with direct participation in both our enviable organic growth profile and underlying commodity prices. By targeting investment in high-quality and long-life mining production projects, we are able to provide our investors with a low risk opportunity to invest in the mining sector, as we are insulated from the expenditures and accompanying risks associated with bringing a mine into production.

For a single investment, our investors will have a diverse portfolio comprised of in-production projects at different stages, owned by different mining companies and in different parts of the world. This diversification helps protect our investors from the inherent risks in mining, like labour unrest or rising costs, while simultaneously providing them with exposure to world-class projects.

North American Energy Fund

Berry Capital Group has formed a private Limited Partnership focused on, acquiring, aggregating, operating, exploiting and developing long-life producing oil and gas properties in North America.

In setting up this Limited Partnership, our objectives are to:

  • Generate stable cash flows;
  • Make quarterly cash distributions to our Unit Holders;
  • Increase our production, asset value and quarterly cash distributions over time;
  • Look for accredited acquisitions; and
  • Provide liquidity opportunities for the aggregated assets through merger, sale or IPO.


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