• Capital

Directly financing the upstream production of Government, NOCs, Publicly Listed and Private Operators.

  • Trading

With our global presence we are positioned to sell product into whatever market will achieve the top margin.

  • Resource

Our technical expertise and experience means that we can identify improvements that mean a significant improvement to a Project's bottom line.

  • Infrastructure

A network of midstream and downstream infrastructure to enhance value and ensure the efficient movement of of product to the end user.


Berry is a vertically integrated energy & commodities group acquiring upstream production through multiple long-term funding agreements, investments, swaps, off-take or structured products directly with Governments, NOC's, Publicly listed and private operators.

With secure access to multiple long-term upstream production and a network of midstream and downstream infrastructure, we are able to provide an integrated system of transport, storage, refining, marketing, import/export and wholesale distribution.

Having operations at each point of the value chain gives us superior market insight and allows us to anticipate market trends. By managing our global trading from centralised locations, we are positioned to sell product into whatever market will achieve the top margin.

An integrated system turning upstream production into enhanced revenue at each stage of the value chain.

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Financing a

  • Investment Banking
  • Investment Management
    • Berry Energy Master Fund
    • Berry Special Opportunities Fund
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Finance
  • Structured Products

Maximising the value
of a Project

  • Technical and Operations
  • Geoscience and Engineering
  • Project and Investment Feasibility
  • Research and Analysis
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Financial and Administration

Realising the
value of a Project

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Import/Export
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Off-take
  • Swaps

Storage, processing &
delivering product

  • Production and Processing
  • Gathering and Storage
  • Project and Asset Management
  • Project Execution
  • Transport and Delivery


Mitchell McGeorge

Group Chief Executive Officer

Mitchell has over 29 years experience in global financial, commodity and infrastructure markets with experienced gained in senior roles at some of the world's leading institutions. Mitchell has held many varied roles with a particular focus on Corporate Advisory, Operations, Strategy, Trading and Structuring Transactions in the energy, commodities, resources and infrastructure sectors. Mitchell is known as a strong, effective and disciplined leader and has advised clients, as well as investing as Principal, on multiple continents with a particular speciality in cross-border transactions.

Mitchell has previously held positions at County NatWest, State Bank Victoria, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Merrill Lynch, IAG Asset Management and Lonsec.

Ben Colegrave

CIO Berry Special Opportunities Fund

Ben has significant experience as Principal & CIO in Investment Management specialising in the Private Equity & Energy sectors. He was most recently Principal at Prostar Capital Energy Fund – a Private Equity Fund focused on the energy sector. Prior to that Ben was the Head of Oil and Gas Investment Banking at Investec Bank as well as Vice President of Energy Investment Banking for Macquarie and an Analyst for CIBC World Markets.

Christopher Nicholls

Legal and Compliance

Christopher is a Corporate and Securities Lawyer with over 30 years experience and is admitted to practice in Australia and the United Kingdom. Christopher has extensive compliance experience gained at both in-house and Regulatory bodies. He has previously worked in compliance roles at the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA UK). Christopher also acts as Company Secretary for a number of Publicly Listed Companies on global Tier1 Stock Exchanges.

Adam Haslam

Corporate Advisor – Berry Capital Group

Adam has considerable experience in global financial and infrastructure markets as a proactive and influential project procurement and financing specialist with considerable connections in oil and gas, corporate finance, private equity and investment banking-helping companies and entrepreneurs raise money; and helping investors on several continents.  Adam is experienced in financing of joint ventures, both small and large, drilling joint ventures, oil and gas property acquisitions and sales, investing in marginal oil wells, gas plant financing and funding private and public oil companies.


Adam consults with oil and gas clients across the value chain in upstream, midstream, downstream and corporate functions as well as energy infrastructure investors and utilities. Supported by team of management consultants, Adam also helps national and international oil companies (NOCs and IOCs), together with service companies, to improve the efficiency and profitability of their businesses thus allowing him to provide specialist advice to energy infrastructure investors related to market opportunities, associated risks and growth strategies.

Adam is currently focusing on assisting upstream producers to secure oil streaming finance via Berry Capital Group’s innovative Energy Fund providing a genuinely reward aligned offering across the oil and gas production value chain.

Isaac Abraham

Corporate Advisor – Berry Capital Group

Isaac is an integral part of Berry Capital Group’s specialist development team combining the skills of our core oil and gas business with the financial and technical capabilities of experienced geologists, geophysicists, and reservoir and petroleum engineers. Isaac has significant experience and expertise in advising on merger, acquisition and divesture to the upstream oil and gas industry. Focusing on assets located in Africa, Middle East, Russia/CIS, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, Isaac regularly liaises with strategic clients including International Oil Companies (IOCs), National Oil Companies (NOCs) and Independents.

Isaac is well versed with the specialist techniques used to fund large capital expenditure projects and is positioned at a key point between the global capital markets and the energy and infrastructure industries. Isaac has advised numerous independent oil and gas companies as well as exceptionally larger players such as NOCs in respect of raising specialist reserve-based finance structures.

Isaac assists upstream producers to generate liquidity, assisting them to achieve measurable growth as well as release cash from ‘de-risked assets’ that may be re-invested in higher risk expansion opportunities that accelerate growth. Isaac formulates innovative strategies by assisting clients in de-risking assets whilst allowing upstream producers to retain upside benefits. The result is often a leveraged balance sheet optimizing more diverse portfolio growth strategies and enhanced non-diluted equity returns for stakeholders.


Berry Energy Master Fund

Our Energy Master Fund provides financing for oil and gas upstream production companies in the form of a ‘oil streaming deal’ whereby an upfront one-time cash payment (‘investment’) is exchanged for a fixed percentage of oil and gas production for life from the field or license with no exposure to the risks of actual production.

You can think of us kind of like a bank, but for energy companies.

Our investment is fully secured against the real property asset (surviving change of control, bankruptcy, etc.), is cash-flow positive from inception whilst paying a quarterly dividend combined with in-built capital growth opportunities and minimum barrel deliverables. Our Fund provides all the benefits of owning the cash-flow oil and gas production without the costs, risks and overhead of actual operations.

It is scalable and repeatable with minimal staff required to operate multiple investments. Our initial investment is the last – no additional investment calls required – upfront investment pre-set and pre-paid.

Our Agreements provide quarterly cash flow without the downside of financial responsibility for field operations. Further, as each Agreement contains in-built growth opportunities in price, production, reserve and field life, there is no need for high-risk strategies or return-diluting growth capex.

Equally, Agreements allow the producer to access capital by leveraging proven reserves to fund production or expansion that is project specific, that is safer than debt and is cheaper than equity (non-dilutive to current shareholders) and has no effect on their other projects.

Berry Special Opportunities & Infrastructure Fund

With energy prices steadily increasing, we have seen much-needed stability to a sector that has been in shock for the past three years. This has led to a large uptick in mergers and acquisitions activity as the buyer and seller disconnect has largely eroded.

It has also led to companies seeking to raise capital in order to build-up operations and to provide the associated infrastructure that has been missing and is required for long-term growth. However, the number of buyers and equity providers in the Energy sector has shrunk considerably and are unlikely to return in the immediate term.

As a result, buyers and investors have been able to command excellent entry prices and, in some cases, achieve guaranteed returns through structured debt or through preferred equity investments.

We realise that the value in the Fund is not necessarily dependent upon a sale as high-yielding returns will also increase the Net Asset Value, therefore the majority of investments will be focused on creating high yielding value investments that can be sold at premiums or held to build returns further.

This Fund is designed to use our experience and expertise to take advantage of the huge opportunity in being a specialist Energy sector investor that has access to long-term capital and a pipeline of infrastructure assets in order to provide investors with the opportunity to leverage off our integrated model by funding business and infrastructure at an earlier stage – which will excel through this upturn and in the future.


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